The Benefits of Shiatsu Massage for Pregnancy

Shiatsu massage is one such treatment. This holistic approach combines therapeutic massage strokes with gentle stretching techniques, and its name literally means "finger pressure". An officially recognised massage therapy in Japan, shiatsu has also become a popular form of massage in Western countries.

It is a safe and effective form of bodywork in pregnancy and the postpartum period. Pregnancy is a time of extraordinary change and development for both mother and baby. Regular shiatsu sessions can help the mother to adapt to the changes that are taking place.

The deep breathing and stretches encouraged by shiatsu have been described by clients as “passive yoga”. The practitioner uses palm and finger pressure to bring the body to a better state of balance.

Treatments take place lying on a futon in side position, with cushions for support and comfort. Shiatsu is received through clothes, so it is best to wear loose comfortable clothing.

Shiatsu incorporates the power of touch, stretching, breathing techniques and pressure to bring the body to a better state of balance. Following the treatment there will be a feeling of increased vitality and deep relaxation.

Suzanne Yates of Well Mother shows positioning in the side and all fours which is excellent for pregnancy work. This can be adapted to the table. If you attend a course with Suzanne she will show massage or shiatsu techniques which can be used and you can work directly on the skin with oil.

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