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25 Magical Photos of Dads in the Delivery Room
Jun 27, 2017
Birth is a priceless experience for parents. The father’s being together with the mother during delivery creates a more lovely labor experience and a maintains the fragile harmony of birth. 
12-Year-Old Girl Helps to Deliver Her Baby Brother
Jun 24, 2017

Jacee Delapena, a 12 years old girl from Mississippi, USA, helped her mother through labor. Jacee, age 12, went to the hospital with her mother for labor.

 Mom Has Priceless Reaction After She Gives Birth to a Baby Boy
Jun 21, 2017

When it came to welcoming her second child into the world, Dara Crouch decided to go “old-fashioned.” The 29-year-old from Columbus, Georgia, wanted to leave the gender of her second child a surprise.

Mom Takes The Happiest Selfie Ever With Newborn Right After C-Section
Jun 08, 2017

Giving birth can be a very scary thing for a newly pregnant. But one mom and her baby look absolutely thrilled about the whole thing, proving c-sections can have happy, photo-worthy endings too.

Amazing Moment: Woman Helps Deliver Her Own Baby via Caesarean Section
Apr 28, 2017

Australian mom Sarah Toyer, gave birth via a maternal-assisted C-section recently, and the photos are incredible. 'Maternal assisted caesareans' involves mums helping to pull out their babies during caesarean sections.

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