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If Humans Gave Birth Like Other Animals

Create: 09/07/2016 - 11:10
If Humans Gave Birth Like Other Animals
Ever wondered what would happen if humans gave birth like giraffes? No? How about seahorses? Still no? Well, illustrator Paul Westover has, and he's drawn the pictures to prove it. 
As you can see from these funny pictures on college humor, while childbirth is still pretty painful for women, it's nothing compared to what other animals have to go through. 
Take the Surinam Toad for example, which keeps its eggs on its back where they end up fused to its own skin. when the tadpoles are ready to hatch they simply burst out of their mother like, well, something out of a horror movie. Or how about the Frilled Shark? 
Carrying an unborn human baby around for nine months might be uncomfortable, but trying carrying your little one around inside you for three and a half years! See for yourself in the pictures below. They'll make you feel glad to be human.

#1 Frilled Sharks
#2 Tv Characters
#3 Seahorses
#4 Surinam Toads
#5 Giraffes
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