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Postpartum Body Problem: Diastasis Recti

Create: 07/28/2017 - 04:00

Diastasis recti is a really common condition of pregnancy. It's basically as the uterus grows up into the abdomen, it creates a separation in the bands of muscle that line kind of the outside of the abdomen. It creates a separation, and for some women, a bulge right in between; right in the middle of their abdomen, sometimes right where the belly button is. 
Women are often very concerned about the diastasis recti, and quite honestly, from my standpoint, I'm not so concerned about the actual split or the Bulge that you're coming in with. What I'm concerned about is what it really means. And to me, it indicates that you have weakness in your core. And we need to make sure that we get the brain talking to those muscles again, postpartum, and get the muscles to fire the way that they're supposed to. 
To get rid of the diastasis recti, we really try to look at improving the overall core strength and stability in the abdominal region. As far as getting rid of it completely, the bulge almost always reduces, and the muscles do come back together. It's really common for women to have a small amount of separation. 
It's again that new normal; trying to just understand that the muscles might not come back together exactly the way they were prior to pregnancy. But with core strengthening and some education about behaviors after pregnancy, and things that you can do in that postpartum period, it really does improve quite a bit.