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Vacuum-Assisted Delivery

Create: 11/05/2015 - 04:19

Sometimes a baby needs a little help when coming through the birth canal during delivery. When this happens, the doctor or midwife may use a device called a vacuum extractor to help deliver the baby. This is called a vacuum-assisted delivery.
Vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery is a method to assist delivery of a baby using a vacuum device. It is used in the second stage of labour if it has not progressed adequately. It may be an alternative to a forceps delivery and caesarean section. 
It cannot be used when the baby is in the breech position or for premature births. The use of vacuum is generally safe, but it can occasionally have negative effects on either the mother or the child.
The MityOne vacuum-assisted delivery system was redesigned based on feedback from prominent obstetricians to provide greater control, safety, and efficacy. The MitySoft® bell cup reduces scalp trauma versus rigid cups1, while the self-limiting pressure gauge will not exceed recommended levels. MityOne offers a firm yet gentle welcome into the world.