Swimming During Pregnancy

Swimming is a low-intensity workout that allows the pregnant woman to relieve lower back strain and feel weightless for a short period each day. In addition to the feeling of weightlessness, swimming provides various health benefits. 

How to Minimize Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Minimize stretch marks before they start by slathering a rich moisturizing cream onto your breasts and belly daily while you’re pregnant. Try one with shea or cocoa butter.

How to Have a Green Pregnancy

Eat organic fruits and vegetables to limit your exposure to pesticides during pregnancy. Choose grass-fed, organically raised cattle and free-range, organic chicken and eggs to avoid hormones.

How to Lose Your Pregnancy Weight

Understand that losing weight after a baby is really no different from losing weight at any other time. Fewer calories in and/or more calories burned equals pounds lost.

Mother Gives Birth to 10lb Baby in Car

Footage posted online purports to show a Texas mother give birth to a 10lb baby in the passenger seat of a car while her husband drives to a Houston-area birth center.

Episiotomy for Vaginal Birth

Episiotomy can be avoided by 'birth canal widening' performed before the start of labour and achieving a 10 cm opening to the birth canal so the baby's head can pass through easily. 

Qi Gong During Pregnancy

If pregnant, it is usually safe to practice qigong and it can be beneficial to help prepare for birth and to build up the energy and vitality after childbirth.


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