Most Common Pregnancy Cravings

While some pregnancy cravings can certainly seem a bit odd, in most instances, they don't represent any real threat to mother or the baby. This, however, can change dramatically, when the craving is for a nonfood item.

Obesity in Pregnancy

Excessive weight gain also compromises the health of the mother. Many women who gain excessive weight don't lose it, hiking their risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Pregnancy Concerns

They also include being pregnant with more than one baby, previous problem pregnancies, or being over age 35. They can affect your health and the health of your baby.

Stroke Risk for Pregnant Women

Even as the rate of strokes in Americans age 65 and older is falling, it is rising sharply among pregnant women, researchers reported Monday.

Breastfeeding After Traumatic Childbirth

The Australian Breastfeeding Association suggests that after a caesarean birth, breastfeeding may be more comfortable by putting a pillow on your lap for extra support

Warning Signs During Pregnancy

Learn about warning signs during pregnancy. Certain symptoms should be reported to your physician immediately, during any stage of the pregnancy.

Belly Dance During Pregnancy

Learn about belly dancing for pregnancy. The music is hypnotic and can take you to an altogether different place, so you can be taken away from the anxious state-of-mind that you may find yourself in.


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