7 Ways to Boost Fertility

Learn about natural ways to boost fertility. Stress reduction boosts chance of pregnancy, offers alternative treatment to restore fertility. Try these simple steps to improve your fertility, and then get back into the bedroom.

Gastric Bypass Surgery and Pregnancy

Learn about gastric bypass pregnancy complications. There is a whole new generation of women facing new issues regarding pregnancy. These women have all undergone gastric bypass surgery in order to lose weight.

Aspirin During Pregnancy

The children of women who take low-dose aspirin during pregnancy because they are at high risk for delivering prematurely might have fewer behavioral problems at age 5, new research suggests.

Alcohol Use in Pregnancy

On the night of my 32nd birthday, my husband and I enjoyed a delicious dinner while on vacation in Orvieto, Italy. To complement my pasta, I enjoyed a single glass of red wine, my first since learning I was pregnant four months earlier.

Foot Size Changes With Pregnancy

Pregnancy-related foot changes may contribute to women's increased risk for arthritis

Mother's Diet Can Alter Genes to Raise Babies' Asthma Risk

Increasing use of folic acid and other dietary supplements by women may be one reason why the prevalence of asthma has nearly doubled in the past 25 years, U.S. researchers are suggesting.

Pregnant Mother's Flu Shot Protects Baby

A flu shot provided to a woman during her pregnancy can help shield her newborn against the potentially deadly infection, researchers report.


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