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Labour Positions: Sitting on a Chair
Dec 04, 2016
You can use any type of chair, from a kitchen chair, to a rocking chair. Many hospitals and birth centers have chairs available for you to use in each labor and birth room.
Labour Positions: Sitting on the Birth Ball
Dec 04, 2016

The birth ball can be used to sit on in early labor or the pushing stage.Sitting on the ball gives the perineum and pelvic muscles extra support without a lot of pressure.

Labour Positions: Standing Positions for Childbirth
Dec 01, 2016
One of the biggest benefits is that you can move around easily, which is very helpful in speeding up labour and helping the baby into a good position, obviously a bonus if you are aiming for natural birth.
Labour Positions: Lying on Your Back
Nov 28, 2016
Putting a wedge under one hip can help reduce this effect. Little is known about the effect of upright versus lying down positions during the first stage on outcomes for babies or satisfaction for moms.
Labour Positions: Side Lying Positions for Birth
Nov 26, 2016

Side lying positions are particularly effective for maintaining relaxation. The mother is able to reduce unnecessary muscular effort, which, in turn, lessens fatigue in a long labor and greatly increases her comfort level.

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