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Vaginal Birth: Normal Labor and Delivery
Mar 24, 2017

During active labour,the uterus is divided into an active segment which contracts,to push the baby downwards, and a passive segment ,which relaxes and stretches, to create space for the baby to pass through.

Episiotomy for Vaginal Birth
Mar 15, 2017

Episiotomy can be avoided by 'birth canal widening' performed before the start of labour and achieving a 10 cm opening to the birth canal so the baby's head can pass through easily. 

Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery
Mar 14, 2017

Spontaneous vaginal delivery is a natural process that usually does not require significant medical intervention. Lacerations (tearing of the tissues) can occur during spontaneous vaginal delivery and may require repair.

Stages of Labor
Mar 13, 2017

Labor will also vary from pregnancy to pregnancy in the same woman. During labor, the opening of the uterus opens (dilates) as a result of rhythmic tightening and relaxation of the uterine muscles.

Labour and Normal Delivery
Feb 25, 2017
The birthing process begins with regular contractions of the uterus and dilation, or opening of the cervix, the narrow opening where the uterus joins the vagina.
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