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If My Pregnancy is High Risk How Does It Affect My Care?

Create: 05/11/2017 - 02:07

The main aim of aftercare is to ensure that you and your baby receive the best possible care in your pregnancy. That way then we can plan for your delivery if it is a high-risk pregnancy and ensure optimal management for you and baby at the time of the delivery. 
We would also in the event of their being and complications anticipated for the baby ensured that you meet with our pediatric team and have a tour of the neonatal intensive care unit and meet some of our pediatric nurses at prior to delivery as well. 
So that you would know what to expect and by meeting all of the various experts are going to be involved in your care and the care of your baby. Then hopefully that will make you feel much more reassured that you and your baby will be receiving the best possible care at the time of delivery.

Answered: Professor Amanda Cotter, Consultant Obstetrician Gynecologist

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You're likely to need the loo more often, even during your first trimester, as your uterus expands onto your bladder. Higher progesterone levels and the fact that tubes from your kidneys are dilated may mean more trips to the loo for small amounts of wee.